HDD files taking up space but can't see them.

I took my 2 TB external hard drive for my newest computer build. I put some files from my old computer that I wanted on my new one. When I check disk management I can see that the files are taking up space on the drive but I can't see them in the explorer.
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    Hi, i have had the same problem. One way i found that helped me locating them is by allowing view of 'Hidden Files'. You can do this by going into your computer and finding Tools> Folder Options> View tab and check the feature that says 'View hidden files' . This should allow you to then go into your program files and view any files that you can see are taking up lots of space and delete them (only if you need to). Just be careful not to delete any important files that may be hidden just so they can be deleted.
  2. Or download a free program called Windirstat. You should be able to see all files and how much space they are taking up.
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