Windows 8.1 wont update or let me use app store

My Windows 8.1 seems to be messed up. Whenever I try to update it, it just says "Preparing to install" and never does anything. I have left it to install for 8 hours and when I got back it hadn't moves an inch and still said preparing to install. I also can't use the app store because it says I'm not connect to the internet when I am indeed connected to the internet. I have tried every solution I could find for my problem but nothing seems to work. Another thing (I don't know if this is related) is when I open File Explorer It takes soooo long to load and I'm not even searching for anything. I've also ran a lot of virus scans. I'm not very smart when It comes to Operating Systems and I want to try every option to fix it before reinstalling Windows all together so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm also providing a screenshot of my File Explorer to show what it does for 5 minutes before letting me use it.
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  1. Defrag the hard drive.
    Then under search type CMD
    when the icon appears ,right click it and choose "run as administrator"
    in the black screen that pops up type
    sfc /scannow
    There is a space between sfc and forward slash.
    This will check and replace any bad or corrupted system files.
  2. Try restoring your system to the last restore point that had been created when installing an application software. I think it would help...
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