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Insanely High CPU usage when opening task manager

Whenever I open task manager my CPU usage spikes up to 100% and it usually says task manager is using 50% or more sometimes even 100%, and if I have another app open like Skype it will alternate between Skype using 75% and task manager, if I check my CPU usage using another program like rainmeter it says it is at 2 or 3%.

If I open my resource manager in the task manager the cpu usage spikes to insanely high numbers

Link to cpu usage

When I open resource manager my computer gets extremely laggy too. I have no issues in game as far as I can tell.

When I am not using task manager my computer is not laggy. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

i7 2600k Hyperthreading enabled, turbo boost enabled no overclock
Nvidia GTX 780
8GB Ram
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    Bug in windows 10. Since windows 8, Task Manager has initialized with Normal Priority default, as opposed to High in windows 7. Calling task manager pushes that particular handle to the front of the queue since it's now foreground, but not high priority. This results in a spike of CPU usage.

    Task manager since windows 7 has also been known to inaccurately report things like actual CPU usage (accurate only under details pane), CPU frequency, amongst other issues.

    Some games will tie up your CPU to 100% usage, Blizzard titles especially. Task Manager being normal priority means you'll have issues resolving the deadlock until you can change its priority, or the affinity of the offending process.
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