Western Digital 2TB Black Drive - SATA cable won't click into drive

Just got in a new WD 2TB Black drive today and the SATA cable will not click into place. Fits and works just fine but will not click into place. It's not the cable as I tried 4 different ones.
I would feel a little better if the cable would lock into place.
Are all the Black drives like this?
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  1. Shouldn't be no. (p.s. I think you put 'cable' where you mean 'drive')

    It would be fine without the click. If you feel uncomfortable just return it as faulty. Sure you're plugging it in correctly? Nothing caught anywhere in/near the socket? Does the interface (SATA ports) look exactly the same as another SATA device? Put them side by side.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Here's a picture, looks like there is nowhere for the little clip to lock into place.
    The drive was manufactured in May/2015 and just got it in today from Amazon. Was going to return it but I believe they are all going to be like this.:??: Weird or what?

  3. I'm fairly sure it is supposed to look like that.

    Let's hope one of the WD reps sees this post and is able to respond to you.
  4. Called WD and the customer service has no idea what I'm talking about and says the drive is more then likely faulty and the SATA cable should lock into place.
    Anyone else have a Black WD drive that could chime in? Should I exchange this thing?
  5. Welcome to the community, loghome!

    I'm sorry to hear about your concerns with the WD Black! :(
    Judging by the picture you took, the SATA cable should be able to lock into place. I'm holding a WD Black in my hands at the moment and the connectors seem to match. However, I'd also advise you to get the drive RMA-ed just like our customer support, this way you'd have your peace of mind. Either way, the SATA connectors are universal and they are supposed to fit right in with the power and data cables.
    Here's a useful link from our KB that explains how to RMA your product: http://products.wdc.com/support/kb.ashx?id=UPbx07
    In order to successfully send your RMA request, you'd need to contact our Support again.

    Good luck! Hope I was helpful.
  6. Thank you. Does the Black drive you have look exactly like the one I posted above or a little different near the SATA and power connections ? The one I have there is nowhere for the SATA latches to hook. I'm thinking they are all like this after looking at a Newegg video on YouTube.

    Also stumbled across this and I'm still confused.

  7. I got one like that the drive worked as expected but the sata cables did not ''lock'' in place ?? just slid on with out that click - I guess as long as you don't bump it or knock it off as far as mine went still using it today ??

    just use a cable that gives the best snug fit
  8. Thanks, Monkey. I'm just wondering if all WD Black drives are going to be like this?
  9. no I got plenty of them and just that one like that so far ?? it really been a non issue overall
  10. Hi again, loghome!

    As you can see from the knowledge base article about The latching SATA Cable, this can be encountered only in some models. Just like @junkeymonkey mentioned, the fact that the SATA cables are not 'clicking' into the HDD shouldn't be very concerning, except if you are moving your PC rig around too much. The best thing to do to keep your peace of mind is to tell our customer support about it, so they can make sure they don't send you a replacement product with the same connectors.

    Best of luck! :)
  11. I just bought a bunch of WD 2TB Black and none of them click, or are even snug, with the SATA data cable. (I tried multiple cables) Was there any resolution here?

    The comment by the WD Rep, SuperSoph_WD, "...except if you are moving your PC rig around too much..." doesn't give me much comfort. You know these things spin at 7200 RPM which could cause enough vibration to work the SATA cable off.
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