Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Point Icon in Task bar.

What to do with that exclamation sign it makes my laptop very slow or even i can't play any game.
What should i do now ???
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  1. Take care of whatever it tells you is wrong...
  2. MarkW said:
    Take care of whatever it tells you is wrong...

    There is no explanation about this sign.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Clicking dosen't work.
    it won't react or did anything when i click on it.
    it just disappear when i close the software or game i am running.
    i think there is something wrong with the driver.
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    Open Control Panel.
    Click on System.
    In the upper left, click on Device Manager.
    Something on that window should have the same yellow triangle.

    It is most likely missing a driver is my guess. But it could be that some piece of hardware has failed.
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