Using SSD as OS boot drive and External HDD for other use


I was wondering whether i could use 120GB SSD to install OS and few software that is required.
Since 120GB is not sufficient i am planning to get 2TB External HDD with optional power and use that to install games and rest of the software. My question is is this configuration OK???? will i get the same result as installing a Internal HDD??? Suppose IF i am accessing a Game installed in External HDD will there be a performance Difference??? mostly is it advisable?????

Thanks in advance
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  1. It will work but you may see issues and some games may flat out refuse to install there. The best thing is to get an internal drive.
  2. If you use an external hdd, just make sure your 2tb is using usb 3.0.
    Most games will work but newer releases (past 2-3 years?) will be a pain to get to working.
    Other than that, you should be fine.
    Just google up your game and ehdd support and it should tell you whether or not that will work
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