BIOS won't allow me to Boot-up through CD/DVD drive?

So this morning I built a PC for the very first time in my life. I put everything together, turned it on and everything worked magically.

Now, I've been sitting at this BIOS page for god knows how long trying to figure out as to why when I reboot my PC, it won't boot from the CD/DVD drive. I already set my BIOS boot priority as my CD/DVD followed by my Hard Drive. I put in my Win7 disk while on BIOS page and press "Save changes and restart". When the PC reboots, the BIOS splashscreen comes back on and tells me to press "Delete" (to get back to BIOS mainpage) or after a few seconds of doing nothing itll just take me to a Eufi Shell page or something like that where it tells me to press any key to escape or wait for

I have an MSI a68hm-Grenade motherboard and I really just want to install Windows and get to play around with my PC :c

Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi, when you start your computer, immediately press and hold the "esc" key. If you have boot time diagnostics switched on in BIOS, then you will see a screen with your available drives . This screen will only be visible for a couple of seconds. Don't worry when it flashes right through this screen, just continue to hold the "esc" button down. You will then be presented a blue screen with options to select your boot drive. Use your "up" "down" keys to select the one you prefer. or use "F4" to select the default setting. Oh and if you do not have boot time diagnostic set to on in BIOS, then it will take you directly to the blue screen with your boot drive options where you can select the desired drive. That should do it. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in the process.
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