Network Setup Help: 1 PC Connected to Modem/Router 1, how can I access Router 2

Hi guys,

I'm a rookie when it comes to network set up, just wondering if I could please have a little help/advice regarding my home network with USB storage attached.

My current setup is shown in the attached image.

Modem/Router 1 = Netgear WNDR3700v2
Router 2 = Netgear WNR2200

I have FTTH feeding Modem/Router 1 with my PC connected via ethernet.

Router 2 is connected to Modem/Router 1 via ethernet.

External HDD is connected to Router 2 via USB.

Is it possible for me to access the USB storage attached to Router 2, from the PC (attached to modem/router 1)?

Thanks a lot for any help.
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  1. Yes, it's possible to access the HDD attached to router 2. Set up the second router as an ftp server and open up ports 20 and 21. This should make it possible to connect to the HDD.
  2. Thanks for the reply itmoba.

    I ended up sumbling my way through the steps outlined here:

    and managed to get it working.

    Can you see any reason why one method would be better than the other?

    Thanks again.
  3. This is a very typical setup. Router 2 is simply configured as an Access Point and "should" be in the same subnet as the rest of your LAN, hence accessing to it should be automatic and without fuss. Don't know why u had trouble with it. Oh well, whatever works dude.
  4. Thanks for the reply jsmithepa. Just a lack of education regarding IP addresses and such.

    Just a follow up question about this setup... I can now access the USB HDD that is attached to the router. I am able to access the HDD from all devices on my network (PC, Minix media player, phones via wifi, etc). What I am wondering is, when I delete files from the network HDD, are they permanenty deleted (ie, they don't go to a recycle bin)? So I can delete files off the network HDD from my phone, and they are permanently deleted?
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    That's a very interesting question. The way file management deals with deleting files is dependent on several factors. For one, if the HDD is split into two mirrored partitions, then, it's possible to recover data removed on one partition because it still resides in the other partition as a backup. Secondly, you need to take into account the filesystem employed. If it's ZFS, then, it's easily possible to recover the deleted data (within a particular amount of time). If, however, it's FAT32, then, it's possible that the file wasn't deleted and was simply marked as a block of space that can be rewritten (if managed on Windows). In reality, things are a bit more complex than what I've just related, though I doubt it'd be understood.
  6. Thanks for the reply itmoba. The HDD file system is NTFS. Single partition (backed up to another external HDD).

    I did an experiment and found the following:

    1. When external USB HDD is connected directly to PC, any files deleted (deleted from ext HDD via the PC) are moved to PC recycle bin (the $RECYCLE.BIN folder on the ext HDD).

    2. When external USB HDD is connected to router, any files deleted (deleted from ext HDD via the PC, Minix, phone over wifi) are deleted permanently (or at least marked as a block of space that can be rewritten).

    I do not require a recycle bin facility for this particular external HDD, and am happy with the way it is functioning so far. I just wanted to clarify my rudimentary understanding of the setup.
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