New PC limited connectivity and no internet access on both LAN and Wifi

I recently bought a new PC but I encountered problems with the limited connectivity and no internet access on both LAN and Wifi. I have looked into numeral sites for answers, but none solved the above problems.

Details of hardware:
i5 Processor, Asus H61M-C motherboard, 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1

ISP cable modem - Cisco2320 (wifi is not using)
Wifi router - Airport Extreme model A1143 (all our devices--Mac, ipad, smartphones--are connected to this router via wifi, and all obtain IP automatically. They all work great).

When LAN to the PC is not working, I bought the TP-LINK USB Wireless Adapter (TL-WN725N) for testing, but connection remain the same.

Literally, I have no idea what is wrong. Maybe someone could guide me step by step into solving this problem of mine. Thanks

Btw. I have taken the following steps:
Hard reset of the Modem.
Hard reset of the router.
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  1. "Limited Connectivity" means your are not getting an IP from the DHCP. No IP, can't go anywhere, nobody know how to get to you.
  2. Well, the machine is getting an address because it has access to the LAN -unless Windows defaulted and used APIPA address..which would be a IP- so that means its getting an address from DHCP.

    When you get the "limited connectivity" error, unless your Internet is down this means the PC has the wrong or no default gateway set. The default gateway is the IP address of your router. ex it is how traffic destined for outside the LAN -the Internet- is routed.

    Or there could be a problem with DNS -I would need to know more to troubleshoot any farther.
    What are the IP addresses of the modem/router and the wifi router? What is the IP address of your new PC? Open command prompt and type: ipconfig /all
    Post the results.

    Off hand I think you probably have some duplicate services running (2 DHCP servers in one network = no good) This can cause IP conflicts or just break everything. See, you have 2 routers in your topology (one built in with modem that you say you "aren't using".. How did you configure it ? Is it really "off" is what i am getting at.

    To access a routers config page just put its IP address into your browser.
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    Actually, first things first. Test you NIC (network card) and the TCP/IP stack to see if its working

    Command prompt: > ping

    This should be successful, if not, then you need to re-install the TCP/IP protocol stack and NIC drivers
  4. Thanks for your help.

    After I added the MAC address to the CISCO modem, internet works! Still could not figure out why I have to add the MAC address, can't it automatically plug and play when a new computer add to the router.

    The Cisco modem is provided by the ISP. It is very bad. When the WIFI is turned on, the signal is always unstable and keeps resetting. I have no idea why. Perhaps the ISP has a hand in it. But after I added the Airport Extreme, and turned off the CISCO wifi and uses only the Airport WIFI, the signal is strong and without any problem.

    What do you think I should do to improve such issues?
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