Looking for a best ssd to suit my new gaming rig

Hey Peeps! I'm gonna built a gaming rig anytime this october ...I already decided on my configuration..which I had mentioned below! I need to know which is the best 120gb ssd in our current market ?
I7 4790
Zotac gtx 970
8gb corsair 1600mhz Ram
Seasonic bronze 620w PSU
And a gaming cabinet of good quality ( haven't decided yet :D) suggest me a mid-tower gaming cabinet too...:P
Thanks in advance :')
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  1. Samsung 850 EVO 120GB. Check out this Latest SSD User Benchmarks ranking the 705 SSD's available in the market.
  2. What makes it so good from other ssd's in the market ? ( I'm just so eager to know new things..
  3. Robin Dion said:
    What makes it so good from other ssd's in the market ? ( I'm just so eager to know new things..

    Reliability. And I'd suggest a 250GB instead of the 120GB. Better price vs size.
  4. I agree with an 850 EVO, but I wouldn't buy anything smaller than a 240/256gb SSD now. The pricing difference between 120 and 240 isn't that much, so it's worth tossing in a little more money.
  5. Samsung Evo. And ya, nothing less than 256 Gb.
    On top of speed and reliability, the software is brilliant, and ridiculously easy to use.
    I did a clean install on my old platter drive, added Firefox, Avast free, and other basics, then used the Samsung Magician software to migrate it to the fresh ssd. Which automatically made my ssd the C drive, set it to be first in boot priority in the bios, and away I went. And I have a clean install of windows sitting on a partition on the old platter drive in case my main install on the ssd ever goes wrong, which I can migrate over in like 20 minutes.

    I also have the rest of the platter drive (partitioned), to use as bulk storage for movies or game recording or whatever.
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