1tb SSD vs 1tb HDD and 250gb SSD hybrid

Hey guys. I'm building a PC for the first time. I have everything sorted out except for the storage... a 1TB Samsung 850 EVO costs $348.99 but I don't have to setup the different boot drives and all that. The hybrid setup costs $142.98. I think it will be a no brainer and go with the hybrid. It's not worth $150 to skip a setup. I just want to make sure with the experts on these forums.
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  1. hybrid all the way man. i use a 120 ssd for all my programs and the os. its 35gb/120gb full and ive had it this way for over a year. if you put games and files on the hdd only difference you'll see is load times and transfer speeds. games will still run the same. you can put a few games you want faster load times for on the 250gb since you'll have plenty of extra space.
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    Hey there, max23pwnz0r.

    The setup is pretty easy actually. Just change the boot priority options from BIOS/UEFI if you need to. I'd recommend the 1TB HDD + SSHD (hybrid drive) option. It sounds like it fits your budget better, plus it's always better to have a separate drive to store your data. Just make sure that you have only the SSHD connected during the Windows installation and after you're done, go ahead and connect the HDD as well.

    edit: Looks like you've already been given an answer while I was typing. :)

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need help with anything whatsoever.
  3. Thanks guys. So the load times and transfer speeds are the only differences? I'll go with the hybrid then lol. Boogieman_WD, so I install windows onto SSD, then connect HDD after i've installed windows?
  4. Yes, that's the advantage of an SSD and an SSHD in comparison to an HDD. Faster access time and lower loading time. Gamewise your in-game loading screens would be shorter and the games would load faster. As for your other question - yes. This is necessary because when installing Windows sometimes part of the info might be written on one of the secondary drives and cause issues ,such as: not being able to boot when the HDD is disconnected or conflicts when booting. Most of the times it would probably work just fine no matter how much drives you have connected, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. :)
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