Seagate 1TB Backup Plus External Hard Drive not detected on different computers

I have a Seagate Backup Plus 1TB and it's been working fine then all of a sudden, it's not detected on my computer today. I plugged it in others' computers, no luck. The light would come on but it would dim then brighten again. What to do? Much appreciated. All my work is in there. =(
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  1. Either not getting enough power to the drive
    Or the windows needs to be told to re-import the drive

    1) Not enough power - Add external power
    a) Buy a power device
    b) Or a cable that plugs into 2 usb

    2) The hdd enclosure controller circuit is naff
    a) buy a new hdd enclosure and move drive into that
    b) use warranty claim
  2. Hi there janiceykli,

    I would also say that this is most probably a power related issue. So, the first thing you need to try is using a different cable.
    In case the issue persists, you can:
    - Contact a data recovery company in case the data stored on the drive is really important.
    - Just RMA the drive(you will not get your data)
    - Take the drive out of the enclosure as puttynene suggested. Just keep in mind that this will void the warranty. Also, in case there are some proprietary connectors, this will not work.

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