DVD Burner - Only shows 4 Write Speeds on 52x CD-R * Why ? *`

DVD Drive Model: Asus DRW-24F1ST a (Says it has latest firmware when trying to update).

Hi guys, basically I've started burning games for my Playstation 1 and to make good quality backups I need to burn at 2/4x speed so that my 20 year old PS1's laser is able to handle the burn.

However, for some reason (on all brands of 1-52x speed) CD-R's I can only burn at "Supported Write Speeds: 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x, 48x" (WTF?!)

This is using Daemon Tools / Imgburn / PowerIso - All 3 show the same.

While using the same discs on my Girlfriend's laptop there are only 3 options, 10 x (interesting), 16x and 24x.

Now this clearly means the discs are not the issue.

Is there something I can do short of buying another optical drive to make these discs burn at a speed that will not make them useless for PS1 gameplay?

And for anyone wondering I have tested these burns and even at 16x speed there is audio-stuttering (a common issue for cd-r's that have been burned too fast for PS1). Games that were burned on my ex-gf's laptop years ago all still work fine so it's nothing wrong with the PS1.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried updating the firmware but I can't seem to find that EXACT model's updater. I did find one for a DRW-24B1ST and tried to run it and it said that it was "Up To Date".

Very frustrated with this whole thing. I am considering buying the 4x write speed Verbatim's but tbh that seems like a silly idea when these 1-52x speed CD-R's clearly can be written at speeds other than the 4 my drive seems to offer (since my GF's offers the 5th option <10x>).

- Very frustrated!

EDIT - Using windows own update tool in Device Manager it says "best driver is installed", so it's definitely up to date. Maybe someone knows of some sort of way to flash it?

EDIT - https://www.asus.com/Optical-Drives-Storage/DRW24F1ST/specifications/ - Specs of the drive.

Edit - We are both using Windows 10.
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  1. The burn speeds that are available for a given disc are determined by the burner model.
    That's why it shows a different choice of burn speeds on your girlfriends burner compared to yours, even though it's the same disc.

    So a disc marked as "1-52x speed" does not mean you can choose any burning speed between 1x & 52x.
    It simply means those discs offer compatibility across a wide range of burners which have various burn speeds from the slowest to the fastest.

    What you need in your situation is burning software like "Nero Burning ROM" which incorporates "Buffer underrun protection" if you think the slowest available burn speed might be too fast for the job:
    15-day free trial: http://www.nero.com/eng/products/nero-burning-rom/free-trial-download.php
  2. Thank you.

    I'll look into how to do that and post back with results.

    Really appreciate it.

    Do you mind if I ask what "buffer underrun protection" does to make the burn slower or more efficient?

    EDIT - Nero isn't the solution. I've burned 5 different games at least twice each and NONE of them work on my PS1 (Won't even boot the game). Many different rips as well (ecm / cue / img / bin). I know that Cue is the way to do it but from Nero they don't work on the PS1 ( strange as Poweriso / Daemon AND Imgburn all do). I'd suggest that the problem was me and not the program but when I'm burning at default settings + finalise on a fresh install it's no different than the other burners so I doubt it's not the program.

    I welcome any other suggestions but Nero really doesn't seem to like burning PS1 games.
  3. are these cd's or dvd's that you are burning?
  4. CDs - I believe the burner CAN write DvDs at 4x speed so I'm confused as to why CDs are a problem.
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