Razer Deathadder/ Logitech g502 / steelseries rival/sensei Corsair m65

Hi guys ive been playing with my razer abyssus for 3years and I need an upgrade. I mostly play FPS (cs go mostly ), League of legends and some third person shooters but not so often.
Ive narrowed the list to this 4:

-Razer Deathadder 2013 : I know that razer is known to be hit or miss when it comes to mouses so I dont want to risk that much.

-Logitech G502 Proteus CORE: good mouse overall for what ive seen and that extra buttons come in handy on cs go and LoL but ive heard that the mouse is a bit heavy and I play on low sensibility so that could be a problem.

Steelseries Rival: I know that a lot of professional cs go players use this mouse but I never played with steelseries mouses so I cant say much about it so ill just put it here

Steelseries Sensei Raw: Personally i think SS Rival its better but ive decided to put it here to see what u guys think.

Corsair M65: Ive heard good stuff about this mouse and his infamous sniper button, i dont really think that Sniper button will make much difference but id like to know more about this mouse overall

About my hands they are quite big and my fingers are long and i mostly use claw grip but sometimes palm but that can be because of my actual mouse( Razer abyssus).

ive created a strawpoll for u guys to vote and to help me out with the results:


Thanks in advance guys :D
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  1. My last razer (a mamba) was nothing but trouble - pc wouldn't post with mouse plugged in, frequent firmware corruption requiring reflash, cheap screws and build quality so the crappy battery lid was bound to break, no spare parts available once battery died). You can understand why i couldn't recommend razer even if they'd come a long way since the mamba.

    In contrast to the abysmal experience above, the only issue i've had at all with the proteus core is that the surface tuning only works if plugged in to a usb 2.0 port. I also have big hands but find it very comfortable. It is still 20g heavier than the death adder but i like my mice heavier than most.
  2. ok I was already looking towards the Logitech g502 but the corsair m65 looks good too and from the reviews that ive seen of it looks confortable and has good build quality but I dont know yet im going to search a bit more on those 2
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