Opinions on Mini-ITX build please.

I have made a pretty basic Mini-ITX build on PC Part Picker for some opinions.
I'm aiming around the $700 AUD so its not going to be a beast or anything.


question regarding Wifi. When I add a wireless card it says I only have one PCI-E x1 slot. That's what graphics uses right? does that mean I cant have my graphics card and Wifi? if so, can you suggest a different Mini-ITX LGA1150 motherboard that will let me?

doesnthave to be in this case btw.

If you can suggest any cheaper or better parts, please go ahead.

Sorry I'm no expert on this. Thanks.
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  1. PC parts picker already indicated that the case, the GPU and the liquid cooler are incompatible.

    I suggest getting a better mobo (Z97) that supports a wifi if you are insisting on one, Asus impact is awesome but very expensive tho. Lose the liquid cooler because it is useless in this build. just pay a little bit more and get an I3 or an I5. Get a PSU with a little bit more wattage.

    Update: GIGABYTE GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 looks really good.

    Hope this helps a little,
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  3. Ok thanks for those replys.

    new build:
    New tot: $725.00

    I've found an Gigabyte motherboard with wifi and bluetooth built in, which also allows overclocking on the G3258 CPU, The last one didn't.
    sadams04, I modified the list to your suggestions, same GPU, HDD and PSU, but l changed the RAM, and the Motherboard and left the case the same as before because i prefer that one.

    now there are no compatibility problems.

    TSF007, You say "Lose the liquid cooler because it is useless in this build. just pay a little bit more and get an I3 or an I5"
    Thanks for that advise, but I've read that the Pentium (a lot cheaper) can be OC to around 4.0ghz with the stock fan, and if water cooled, can get up to 4.5

    thats why I've done that. The g3258 is very good from what I've head for only a hundred bux. But I'm no expert, and I apreciate the suggestions
    Thanks for the help.
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