Laptop turned off during factory reset.

Hello, a few hours ago i decided to hard reset my hp pavillion g6 laptop, it got to 2 percent then turned off, now it wont start and when i press f11 on boot to get to recovery screen, clicking reset again just turns it off, also i dont have any restore points so thats not an option, i dont have a cd either that came with it as it came with preinstalled windows 8. I was just wondering what i could do to fix my laptop. Thank you for any answers.
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  1. You should have the factory image stored neatly tucked away in one of the partitions. HP laptops no longer come with recovery CDs, I think.
  2. Thank you for your answer, i did what you said but the laptop turned off halfway through, now i have a boot device not found. Hard disk (3F0) issue when i boot up and anything i do leads to an unexpected power off. I dont get it my laptop would barley ever randomly turn offby itsself before i tried to factory reset. Any idea on what i can do?
  3. Try to tap F10 when you reboot to see if any HDs are listed to boot from. If you manage to get to the recovery screen, press SHIFT-F10 to mark the partition active. If this still doesn't work, then it's likely a HD failure.
  4. But the problem is it wont stay on, but it was fine for hours before i tried to factory reset it, thats why im stuck on weather its turning off because of a hardware or software issue
  5. Okay so i turn it on and the fan gets loud but gives out cool air (not hot air). Then it turns off, i think thats to do with the heatsink not being attached to other components properly. Correct me if im wrong. And then also when it does turn on for the few seconds it shows the Boot Device Not Found
    Please install an operating system on your hard disk.
    Hard Disk (3F0).
    Now once i get the power issue fixed i just want to find out how i can reinstall windows on my hard drive. Since i have no disk and also cant get to the recovery option because of the corrupted files on hard drive. Please help if you can. Thank you
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    This'll require delicate surgery. You'll need to disassemble the laptop very carefully. You want to insert the new HD and perform the install. From there, you'll need to copy/paste/move whatever is important from the supposedly faulty HD.
  7. Ok thanks, do you think the new hd will fix the randomly powering off issue? I opened it up and put thermal compound on the cpu but all it did was give it another minute or 2 before it shut down.
  8. Hmm, when did you buy the laptop, and what make, model, and year is it?

    [update -- edit]
    Did you make sure to clean the top processor before you applied the paste? Did you make sure to clean the heatsink block as well? Also, how much thermal paste did you apply? It should only be a very, very thin layer. Anything more than that will cause inefficient heat dissipation (i.e., heat transfer to the heatsink/pipe/fan).
  9. Thank you for all your answers, i'n the end i opened the laptop back up and applied thermal compound instead of silicon grease, this made the laptop not turn off anymore. As for my corrupted hd with no recovery partition and no os on it, all i did was put windows 8 on a usb and booted it. I didnt know this but if you have windows 8 preinstalled on your hd then it doesnt ask you for a key, but youl need to have the right version i.e. 8/8.1 64/32bit. I hope my solution can help someone else too as it took me 5 hours of sitting down and working on it to completely fix.
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