Random and very constant BSOD on WIndows 8.1

Hey guys. I have a desktop(specs in sig) on Win 8.1, and a laptop Win 10(formerly Windows 8 also, which might be the problem, Because that is the only thing different since the last time I did the thing mentioned below). My internet has a data cap so whenever I need to download something i usually go somewhere else. I don't take my Desktop(for reasons you can assume), so I have an external hard drive case. Basically, I take the HDD out of my PC, and into my laptop(I remove the Laptop HDD so I can boot from the Desktop HDD).
Anyway, done this a hundred times before, and today when I powered on the Laptop(on win 10), it said it was "repairing drive (C:)". Naturally, i thought nothing of it, because I had repaired my HDD before and the screen looked like that when I did it. Anyway, did that, Got home, stuck the HDD back into my PC, and Its giving me basically every BSOD out there. It includes,
and many others.
I have the win 10 update USB that I made, but for some reason it won't let me use it. I have also tried putting the recovery/install CD for win 8.1 into the DVD/CD drive, but It won't restore to a previous date, and I'd prefer not to lose all my downloaded Apps and accumulated fun stuff with a system refresh or restore. I have run a MEMTest and everything was OK. Would this maybe be a driver issue? and how would I fix this if it was?

Anyway, if you have any questions about anything that I can help with, please just post it on here
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  1. bump. I need to fix this ASAP. ALL my schoolwork is on that Desktop.
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    Still works okay in the laptop? If so make a back up of all the "fun stuff" etc. and then it's probably has to do with switching hardware with windows 10.Might have to do a full fresh install again.
    You use the same key for both installs?
  3. Nope. I had bought the Laptop about two years ago, when Windows 8 way just coming out and was the next big thing. I build the Desktop. Yes, It does still work fine on the laptop. By backing up, do you mean create a system restore point? or something else like just copying the files onto another drive?
    I will try booting from the Laptop again, and maybe do a system restore point or some other option like it.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the windows refresh just gets rid of all the apps and programs right? like Itunes, steam, origin, chrome, etc. anything not from the windows store. So is there any way for me just to backup the programs?

  4. By backing up do i mean copy whatever is important to you to an external hdd ,after that do a fresh install in the desktop you build. Copying can be done when it's in the laptop,since it works there.

    I'm also abit confused,so maybe get to that first,when putting the desktop hdd in the laptop,is it a second drive in that case or does it replace the main hdd for the time being? It starts from it ..
    From what i read is the desktop hdd the one that has the issues? In the desktop itself that is.

    If this is the case look at what i said first.
  5. It replaces the Main HDD for the time being. I have one of those External Hard drive enclosures that i put the Desktop HDD in, I take the Laptops HDD out of the Laptop, and connect the Desktop HDD though USB 3.0. Then I boot from the Desktop HDD.

    I tried booting from the desktop HDD on the laptop again. No luck, it shows the windows loading screen, then just stays at a blank black screen.

    When I just connect the Desktop HDD to the Laptop(while the laptop is running windows 10), The desktop HDD cannot be selected or opened in windows explorer.

  6. Electonic said:

    I tried booting from the desktop HDD on the laptop again. No luck, it shows the windows loading screen, then just stays at a blank black screen.

    Tried tapping F8 when=right after booting.
  7. OK, so sorry for not updating. Anyway, it just worked. I have no Idea what I did actually. I got the Win 8.1 disc and put it in and looked at repair options for awhile, debating whether or not to refresh, I chose no, and when I restarted it again, it worked absolutely Great!

    Thanks for your help,
  8. Good to hear it's working again.At least now you know it's not a good idea to switch windows from one to another pc.
    Next time download what you want via the laptop,get an exterrnal hdd,or internal via the enclosure you use,and put it on there,and connect that again to the desktop pc.

    You're welcome. :)
  9. Thanks Once again,
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