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Hello all,

I'm stuck at creating my storage space.
Have 9x500 GB = 4.5 TB
Put this in raid 5 and you have 4 TB usable disk space.

Altho, this is not what I'm seeing when creating my pool.
I select my 9 disks:

Then it shows me this:
Which I believe is not correct.
Total Pool capacity should be 4.5 TB
Available should be 4 TB
Max size should be 4 TB
Including resilency should be 4.5 TB.

Or I'm reading it wrong, or whatever, but this doesn't add up.
Raid 5 with 9x500 GB is 4 TB available space.

Now, when I change the max. size to 4.08 TB, the resilency goes over my 4.5 TB:

Ok, so, whatever, when I continue, it gets even more weird:

Using 3 GB pool capacity?!
Using 5.75 GB ?!

I'm lost :)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. hmm, ok, so its not 9*500 GB, its 9*465 GB = 3.7 TB usable in raid 5.
    That should still set the max size on 3.7 TB...

    no clue :/ any1?
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