Upgrade advice for a pre-built budget PC

Hello wise and experienced pc builders,

I would like some advice on upgrading certain components on a current pc that I have. My upgrades are unfortunately on quite low budget at the current moment but I am asking this question in order to gain more experience on parts and upgrades.

Few things to know:

1) I am working on a pre-built pc (no barking allowed), both due to a gift being made to me and the serious lack of time to actually build a desktop from scratch. And yes, I am aware of all the benefits lost from not having built the pc myself ( cheap, better bang for your buck, better machine, etc), but these are truly not the comments I am looking for. I need to work with what I have here.

Pc Specs and brand is the following:

Cybertron Borg-Q GM4213A Desktop

3.80 GHz AMD FX-4130 Quad-Core Processor (Processor Max Turbo Speed: 3.90GHz)
8 GB Installed Memory
1 TB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM, 6 GB/s)
Dual-layer DVD±RW drive
GeForce GT610 Graphics
450 watt power supply
Windows 8.1 64-bit

2) I am not looking for high-end, top high quality game play. As long as the games can be playable and enjoyable (low to mid range fps and no hideous lagging), I will be more than content.

3) I am interested in playing games such as Civilization 5, Sims 3, SimCity, Deus Ex, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin Creed 5, Skyrim, and the Witcher 3. Again, as long as they are are playable, I will consider it mission accomplished.

4) I am already thinking of upgrading the graphics card to a gtx 750ti 2 GB and maybe the power supply (550 W, perhaps?). What other upgrades to the CPU would you suggest on a budget if necessary?

5) I am sadly on a low monthly budget at the current moment (only about $200-$300 possible for upgrades).

Thank you all in advance for your time and consideration. I hope the message was not too much of a hassle to read and your feedback is much appreciated..
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  1. For that budget, I would suggest an R9 280/380 or GTX950, and for safety reasons upgrade the power supply to a reputable brand.

    You should be able to play with medium or even high settings, though the CPU will limit you in DX11 titles (though Mantle should be fine, and Civ5 supports it). dragon age, and both sims games should be able to run maxed settings at 1080p, but skyrim might see issues due to the CPU (it'll run high graphics options, but might still be limited in FPS due to the CPU)

    Just remember to make sure the computer is using a true ATX power supply now, some companies actually switched the position of 12V and ground in earlier models and it's better to be safe than sorry (and dealing with a house fire)
  2. Adding a GTX 750Ti would help with the frame rates for the games you plan to play. The 750Ti is fine with less demanding games and turned based games. You may find the 750Ti lacking in AC Unity even at low settings at 1080p. You may dip below 30fps which you will notice. You could bump up to a GTX 950 if you want to be above 30 fps.
    With the cpu it would be better to upgrade both cpu and the motherboard together.
  3. Thank you both for your answers. :)
    Which CPU and/or motherboard combo would you suggest as upgrades? As for the power supply would brands such as Corsair or Seasonic be valuable? What about Cooler Master?
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    Sushi7 said:
    Thank you both for your answers. :)
    Which CPU and/or motherboard combo would you suggest as upgrades? As for the power supply would brands such as Corsair or Seasonic be valuable? What about Cooler Master?

    CPUs are expensive, so graphics should come first, then upgrade the CPU down the line when you have a budget of about $400. If you only really want to game, an i5 processor running at least 3.2GHz should be fine (something like the 45XX/46XX or 6600), and an H97/H170 motherboard (look for features you need more than overclocking ability).

    As for power supplies, Seasonic is usually considered the best (reliability and performance wise), but other companies also have good models too. I suggest you check for reviews on individual models (tomshardware itself also has some good reviews, but they tend to review larger units that aren't really necessary in your case)
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