What gaming PC Can I buy or build with $1000? I'm not really a PC gamer and won't play all the time. don't want to spend a lot

What gaming computer can I buy or build with around $1000? I'm not really a PC gamer and won't be playing games all the time with it so I don't want a very expensive computer if I won't be using it everyday. I have never build a PC before so I'm a little hesitant with the idea. If I were going to go down that path, what parts should I buy for my $1000 budget? If I were to buy a pre-built PC, which brand should I get and which PC would you recommend? I do want windows 10
Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. There is plenty, and i say PLENTY of articles and threads about this already, please just do 40 mins worth of research and i promise youll find what you need.
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  3. I would recommend you check for refurb sales. You can get good 1 or 2 year old systems that are still very powerful. If you are in the US check out woot, some decent computers will show up there on fairly regular basis.
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