Help! Getting black screen after building my pc.

today I got my new motherboard. The MSI X79A-GD45 Plus LGA 2011. I've immediatly started with building my pc out of the case of course and when I booted it up three LEDs appeared but black screen on monitor. Fans are turning of the videocard and of the CPU Fan. So I have a i7 4820K, MSI X79A-GD45 Motherboard, 16GB of RAM Black Vengeance (4x4GB), Antec Neopower 650W PSU and Sapphire R9 270X Graphics card.
I actually did really much testing. Re-connected the 24pin and 8pin connector. I tested my RAM modules 1 per 1, I've replaced my video card with my other video card (I have 2 R9 270X's), I cleared CMOS, I changed from monitor, changed from BIOS (There is a little switch to change to the other BIOS, maybe that worked but it didn't). Tested with another DVI cable...
Personally I don't think my CPU is dead because there is no damage on the back of the CPU neither on the motherboard socket pins. On the top of the motherboard there are 8LEDs for CPU Phase. More the LEDs, more the power of the CPU is using at that moment. For me there are 1 of the 8 LEDs burning, there should be 0 LEDs burning if CPU is dead, right? And 8 LEDs if the CPU is working properly or..? Then I followed this page after all the tests..:
Followed it step by step, one thing I didn't do wass putting a CPU Fan, I did that now and still black screen. Maybe I putted too much thermal paste on it or too little. I really don't know what I can do more... Do you guys maybe know some more tests or the problem that I'm recieving a black screen?

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  1. Is there an iGPU? You could try connecting the screen to that. The motherboard should detect the discrete gpu without issue but it's worth a shot.

    Also, dum question, but did you remember to connect 12V to the cpu? That would cause the exact error you are experiencing if you didn't.

    I would also look in the manual to see what the LED's mean.
  2. No there is no iGPU.
    Uhm I didn't install 12V connector. I installed the 8 pin connector to the CPU, is that 12V? If you mean 8pin, yes I installed it.

    Its not in the manual, they just say: CPU Phase: These LEDs will change according to CPU loading. The higher the power phase number the more reliable the power flow to the processor.
  3. Another common error is connecting the video cable from the monitor into the wrong port on the back of your PC. You'll want to make sure you connect the cable from your monitor to the video card ports on the back, not the motherboard ports.
  4. Yes, I installed it into the video card DVI Input. There is black and a white DVI input, I putted the cable in the black input once to check if that works, but nope still black screen..
  5. A friend of me told me that my BIOS version is probably a old version so the BIOS won't recognize the CPU. Is there any way to update my BIOS out of the BIOS? I know you can do that with ASUS, but is that possible with MSI?
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