[SOLVED]Randomly getting blue screen on new built Desktop

I Just build a new PC and at random times i get the blue screen. I have windows 7, also i tried the windows 7 memory test and it was clean. i have also tried changing my gpu's slot.

Other things i noticed:
1 -motherboard does not beep at all when i turn it on

2- every time i turn on the pc everything in the case turns on for 1 to seconds and than shuts off and than turns on fine. (This does not happen during restart only full shutdown)

3- Whenever i quit bios without saving i get this error: B2InitializeLibrary failed 0xc000009a (THIS HAPPENS ONLY WHEN I EXIT WITHOUT SAVING)

4- I notice in Bios my Platform power management is off (should i leave it off?)

5- In Bios i see that my case is set to open, however my case is closed

My Pc specification:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming G1
Graphic: Msi 980 ti
Ram: coarsair Ram DDR 4 (2x8 GB)
Hard Drive: SSD samsung M.2
Hrd Drive: WD 1 TB
power supply: coarsair 1000i
processor: skylake i-7 (4Ghz)
CPU Cooler: Cooler master

The blue screen happens when i am in windows, sometimes when im using it some times when im not using it and its just idile
The code is 0x00000124 (0x000....000, 0xFFFFFA80118BC028, 0x0000000000200401,.........)

this is the blue screen code:
***Stop: 0x00000124 (0x000000......, 0xFFFFFA80118BC028, 0x000...0BF8000..0,ox000000000000200401
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  1. Sleetz said:

    i did go to the website above. one think i noticed is when i got rid of my screen server some how my blue screen issue is gone too do you have any idea why would this happen?
  2. Do you mean screen saver? If so that could mean you downloaded one that had malware attached to it but really I am not sure.
  3. Best answer
    I did figure out whats wrong. 1st my .Net files were not installed right 2nd the new motherboards drivers have to be installed in a strict order otherwise you will see the drivers installed but you will have glitches. all i did was fix thoes 2 things and windows 7 has ran for a week with no issues and i have ubuntu 15.10
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