My Cloud and Streaming Media outside a local network?

Hi Community I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum for this question but I'll ask it here first. So my Question is if I purchase a MyCloud Harddrive can I have its storage of files and media be streamed and viewed on a Blu-ray or Smart Tv in a Friends home? or am I limited to my local home network only?
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    Hey there, Viperk8b!

    You should be able to access the WD My Cloud from outside your network only from another computer or device that has the WD My Cloud application. However, I'm afraid that you'd not be able to stream straight to a Smart TV or a Blu-Ray outside your local network. ( ) Here you can read more about the how-to's as well:
    Either way, you'd need to have port forwarding enabled on your NAS in order to be able to access it outside. You can check our KB article about it here:

    Hope it helps. Keep me posted if you have more questions! :)
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