Is this system future proof?

MOBO - Z97X-Gaming 3
Processor - Intel i5 4690 (non-k), turbo boost to 3.9ghz
Graphics - x2 GTX 970 EVGA Superclocked
Ram - 8gb dd3 2133mhz

How many years can i play ultra on? 1920x1080, and 4k? what is direly needing upgraded? the PC runs everything smooth on super sampled 4k on SW: battlefront/the witcher 3/metal gear solid V on a 1920x1080 setup at the moment.

Edit: Is my system really good or are there any minor flaws with it?
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    You know just as much about the future as I do: Nothing. Future proof does not exist.

    4k? No graphics card on the market is really powerful enough to pull off 60 fps in every game.
    On highest settings.

    You want 4k? Wait til hardware can handle it better. When is that? Who knows.
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