Overclocking without OC genie

Hey folks.

I want to overclock my cpu to 4.5Ghz. right now it's on 4.4GHz, it's not a big difference i know. but the fact that i can take it without raging temps makes me wanna get there.
Specs are

i7 4790k
MSI Z97 Gaming G45 Motherboard.
Cooling -Cooler master Geminii S524 (bigassfan)
Problem is. it won't let me control cpu clock ratio by myself, the set ratio is dark and only OC genie will raise the 4ghz stock to 4.4. anyway to cancel the darkening of the cpu ratio for me to use it for my own?

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    Normally there´s an option in the uefi with which you can enable overclocking ( unlock manual ratios etc)
  2. Considering I have a MSI z97 motherboard as well I don't think you can escape OC Genie.
    But I'm no overclocking expert.
    Although I'm pretty sure in MSI Command Center in the OC Genie tab, I think you can manually increase it

    But overall the motherboard is advertised and integrated (in motherboard) to work with OC Genie only.
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