Installing more ram, no bios settings.

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I got some memory to upgrade my system. I did an online memory check so that I would have compatible RAM. There were 2 sticks of 2gb ram in my computer. I added 2 sticks of 4gb to that. So in total I had 12gb. Now the problem is, that the RAM is supposed to run 1333mhz. But after installing the 12gb its crawled back to 667mhz. When only installing the new 8gb it is also stuck on 667mhz. Now I know that you can change DRAM frequency in the BIOS. But I'm running an old HP computer, which doesn't let you change anything in the BIOS. Someone has an idea? Thanks for helping out.

Motherboard: HP 1497
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  1. firs of all please tell us everything about the 2 existing sticks and about the new pair and your PC specs.

    But im sorry to tell you that if the sticks are not identical - it could harm your PC or not work at all.

    Now try instaling the new sticks by the right order if you didnt already = on the 1st and 3rd slot or in the 2nd and 4th slot and tell me if something changed.
    If it didnt work please reset your CMOS (remove the small battery the in located on your motherboard - while your power cable is unpluged) after you remove the CMOS - wait not less then 10 minutes and reenter it - power up you PC (only with the new pair of sticks) - please tell us again if something changed.
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    You may be getting confused.
    When memory is rated if of the DD2 or DD3 standard what is quoted as 1333Mhz is the over all speed of the memory.

    How DDR memory works is basically read and write operations can be sent at each rise and fall of the clock frequency, or one clock cycle of the memory.

    So because it can send and receive data in what we call a clock cycle of the memory the formula for working out the speed for example is this.

    667Mhz x2 = 1333Mhz.

    If 667Mhz is reported you times it by two to get the rated frequency stated on a sticker of your memory.
    So it is in fact correct if the speed in the bios says it`s running at 667Mhz. 667Mhz for the read operations, 667Mhz for the write operations of the memory module.

    Here is an example I have memory that runs at 2400Mhz so if i divide it by two I know what the frequency is for the reading of data is 1200Mhz and the write speed is 1200Mhz also in frequency.

    If your memory was working at 667Mhz in the bios it would say 333Mhz as the clock speed.

    The confusion happens because any value shown in the bios has to be timed by 2 due to the nature of how DDR 2 and DDR 3 memory physically work in operation.
  3. Tried to remove the CMOS, but without any result. DRAM freq is still the same.
    The sticks did work together, when installing both the 4gb sticks with both the 2gb sticks, my pc did show 12gb 667mhz.
    But before installing the new memory, the dual 2gb kit showed 4gb 1333mhz.

    This is what Speccy has to say about my new memory.
  4. With both the 2gb and 4gb modules installed, these are the specs.
    They both show up, my pc shows I got 12gb.
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