dd-wrt secured network,help needed.

I need some help about dd wrt,
I am using router with dd-wrt to connect to my other router(no dd wrt),and im using virtual AP to connect my phone etc..

Its in client wireless mode,and i connect to my network by site survey option.
Problem is that i dont know how to connect it to secured network.
I can securt my virtual AP,but my router without dd-wrt is open.
So,how to connect to secured network.

Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2

Thanks in advance.
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    Use the network site survey option to connect in wireless client mode.

    Switch to the wireless security settings, and set the security type and password of your secured network.

    Be aware that in every version of DD-WRT I've used with wireless client mode, it does not "take" when you first configure it. I have to power cycle it before it correctly associates with the wifi network.
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