PC Won't power on or connect to monitor, motherboard is displaying A2 error code

So while connecting up my PC to my monitor via HDMI, I accidentally hit the clr cmos button on the back of the pc, and I was unable to power on my pc, and it wouldn't connect to the monitor. After looking around for a solution, I tried resetting the cmos jumpers and removing the cmos battery, but still nothing. And now the motherboard is displaying an A2 error code, which I learned was something to do with detection, so I've tried reconnecting my graphics card, but still nothing.
Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do? The PC was working fine before I hit the cmos(with the exception of not detecting the graphics card, but that's a separate problem)
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  1. Some system specs would be useful bud! Post them & wait for somebody else to offer help (it won't be me though, I just piped in to remind you that posting system specs is essential when you need help).
  2. Phillip Corcoran said:
    Some system specs would be useful bud!

    I know the graphics card is a AMD Radeon HD 7990 and the motherboard is an Asrock Z77 Extreme4. I know I'm running i7, but I can't access the rest of the specs at the moment

    EDIT: I should specify, I can't access the rest of the specs as I don't have them written down or anything, the way I normally got them was through dxdiag, which I can't access because PC won't turn on
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