G1 vs G2 EVGA PSU and recommended PSU wattage for my build

When looking at PSUs, specifically EVGA, there were G1 and G2 versions of the same wattage PSU. I looked this up and saw that there were 2 different generations. I also saw that the PSUs have different makers in the different generations. So, my question is, what makes one generation better than the other, and will generation 1 work just as fine and last as long as a generation 2 PSU?

Also, pc part picker says that my system will only pull a max wattage of 342w. This is significantly lower than what NewEgg's PSU calculator says my system will pull (652w). I was originally planning to go with the G1 650w PSU from EVGA but now I don't know if I should get something a little bit more powerful and if I should also get a G2 PSU. Thanks.

Here is my build: ; I will be putting Windows 10 on it and I do not plan to overclock right away, but I would like to have the power to be able to do so. Thanks again
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    G1 is poor and made by FSP , G2 is made by the best Super Flower.

    GS is also good made by SEASONIC.
  2. The g2 uses higher quality components making it a much better unit. The g1s are not reccomended.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    G1 is poor and made by FSP , G2 is made by the best Super Flower.

    GS is also good made by SEASONIC.

    Thanks for the reply! As for the wattage of the power supply, what do you recommend for my build?
  4. 550W to 650w GS or G2.
    One of the 650w is a good choice , a 550W will run it easily too.
  6. 550w would be plenty of power for the system. if you think you will want a second 970 in the future then at least 750w would be needed. other wise go with whatever is cheaper between the 550 and 650w one. i know sometimes the higher wattage is cheaper due to sales or rebates at times :)
  7. I always go a little extra , the 650w would be my choice.

    But like I stated 550W is plenty.
  8. 550w for a single 970. 750w for Sli. I would also get a better ssd and ram with a lower cas.
  9. Thanks you all for the replies!
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