OS will not install on ssd. Blue screen problems

I just built a new build for my buddy and it does not have a os on it. It does not have a CD ROM, so I had to use Microsoft media tool to create the windows 10 home usb. I have the boot set up so its boots off the usb. I get half way through and I will get several blue screens. System , cache , and some other ones. Sorry ican work so I can't remember real names of the errors. I read online that it might be a legacy driver problem , but I can't figure it out. Can i put ssd in another computer to install Windows 10? I just need to find some options.
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  1. No, you can't put the drive in a different PC to install, and then move it over.

    We'd need to know the exact errors you're seeing.
  2. I will get back to you tonight.
  3. OK, attach a CD ROM to it, it gave my system service expectation..
  4. Well just got a new one. Windows cannot install files, 0x80070570
  5. That was with the CD also.
  6. cdb8457 said:
    Well just got a new one. Windows cannot install files, 0x80070570

    See this:
  7. KMODE_exception_nothandled havnet seen this one yet
  8. I have gotten all other errors fixed. System thread expectation is still the problem. I get to about 78% and that error games.
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