Router has 1 ethernet port, need at least 1 or 2 more for Xbox/Wii

I'm sure what I need is a very simple device, but I'm a little confused about the terminology and I don't want to buy the wrong thing.
I have Comcast (75/10) going to a Cisco DPC3008 DOCSIS 3 modem and then to an Apple Airport Express router (newest version available.) The Airport Express only has single ethernet connections, 1 LAN and 1 WAN (I think that's the right verbiage.) the specs are here:
Currently, I have my Apple TV hooked up to the ethernet connection, but I'd also like to connect our Xbox and Wii.

I've looked at some basic 'splitters' on Amazon and don't think they are the right thing. I believe what I need is a switch (?) but I want to make sure.

Looks like these types of devices are cheap, so I'm not looking to spend a ton of money if I don't have to... just whatever is the easiest way to get a couple more ethernet connections to the Apple router.

Thanks for suggestions!
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  1. Splitter is for cable TV. For networking you need a thing called a SWITCH. Like THIS ONE.
  2. Get a gigabit switch.
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    Tman1 is correct. Get a 5 port Ethernet switch, connect one port back to your airport express LAN connection. The other four ports of the Ethernet switch can then be used to connect up to whatever devices needing access.
  4. Thanks guys! That's pretty much what I thought, but I was still confused since the switches I've seen don't seem to have a dedicated port for coming from the router and then going to the devices. So I'm assuming I can just connect from my router into, say, port 1 and then connect the streaming devices to 2-5 and it knows what to do?
  5. jaysoncisme said:
    port 1 and then connect the streaming devices to 2-5 and it knows what to do?

    That's correct, plug in any which way you want, it's idiot-proof.
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