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Is it it at all possible to install a 64 bit service pack on a 32 bit machine?
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  1. No sorry, it isnt. It all depends on your CPU. Some CPUS only support 32bit operating systems. Your CPU must be 32 buit . What CPU is it?
  2. its a 64 bit cpu. Im just asking because it is supposed to have a 32 bit system and it says 64 bit. I thought maybe i miss read and installed the wrong service pack type.
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    it wont be as simple as just installing a service pack. you will need to go and buy a 64 bit os
  4. OK that's what i thought. I just wanted to make sure. The manual says it should have a 32 bit os. After checking it has a 64 bit. I just wanted to make sure i did not mess up and install a 64 bit service pack on a 32 bit platform.
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