Been out of the loop for a few years and need advice on a new rig.

Alright, so the last build I've made was roughly 9 years ago, I haven't kept up to date on recent advancements.

I plan on building slowly due to budget limitations, hopefully the first purchase would be about 600-800, I wanna get the basics first like the processor, motherboard case and psu, and maybe a stick of ram; then from that point on I want to buy another piece each 2weeks to a month until it's complete, end budget would be about 2700$ CDN.

Something I don't understand is what causes bottlenecking of the GPU, I've read that the i5 is pretty decent for gaming but can have bottleneck issues on higher end GPU's.

Also I do not want to skimp out on the graphics card at all, I'd like to be able to handle all games at 4k 80+ fps, I've read that there will be a new GTX 1000 series being release in 2016, would it be worth waiting for that? Or should I just go with a gtx 980 or something equivalent.
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    Most games at 80+ fps will require at least two 980ti's, and even then, you won't manage it in all games. The i5 4690K is a good choice of CPU though, it shouldn't bottleneck at higher resolutions than 1080p.
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