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Hello, I'm running Windows 8.1 Home. I know the lock screen is the image that you slide up, and the password screen prompts you for credentials to authenticate. I would like to disable both. Here is what I have tried

1. Created Personalization, NoLockScreen key (worked great for the lockscreen, but the login screen still displays).
2. Checked off Don't require a password on wakeup
3. Verified that on resume, display logon screen was not checked.
4. Created the DisableAutoLock key (works with window key+L). Has this been proven to work with random screen lock after idle during screen saver running as well?
5. Downloaded a group policy installer and manually set the "password protect the screen saver" option to disabled. (pending on it being successful or not).

Would the Windows Updates being enabled trigger this logon screen? I just disabled them as well and plan to test said configuration.
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  1. Hi download the disable/enable lockscreen. zip from here. You can now choose to disable or enable lockscreen with just one click
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your advice. However, creating the Personalization DisableLockScreen "NoLockScreen" was the first step that I tried and listed above. It does remove the lockscreen, but the logon screen still appears. I'm trying to remove both so when the system is idle, it doesn't display the lock screen or the logon screen.
  3. Hi. Try this as well as disable lockscreen, In the run box (Win key+R) Type control userpasswords2 Then uncheck the box Users must enter a username and a password to use this computer. Click apply then exit
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    Thanks, I appreciate your advice again. Unfortunately, that feature was already unchecked. I believe I found the solution. A new key must be created in the following path HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies. It has to be called System then a key within that needs to be created called DisableLockWorkstation. Next, you create a new DWORD 32 bit and set the value to 1. I tested this on two different computers and both have not had the lock or logon screen appear since initial application. The only setback is the autolock feature using the windows logo + "L" is no longer functional (something it was ok to sacrifice for my case).

    Thanks so much for lending your expertise and assistance!
  5. Hi. Glad you found a fix. The Registry is a tricky area to be in if you do not concentrate fully.
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