Building first gaming PC in the ~$1000AUD range. Any advice on selected parts/build critique is helpful!

Hi guys,

I'm looking to build a mid-high end gaming PC in the $1000-1250AUD range. I'm starting completely from scratch (no peripherals), so any advice on what parts I should spend more/less money on and what part brands I should avoid is appreciated. I've got a rough plan on PCPartPicker:

Are there any cheaper equivalent parts I should look at getting?
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  1. I Recommend you Core i5-4440... What makes the intel CPU better for gaming is that the individual cores are stronger than AMD's. 99.99% of games use 4 or fewer cores...
    And intel processors is more energy efficient than amd' i5 4440 is much expensive than amd 8320 so you have to add few more dollars on i5...
    i5 has integrated HD graphics in amd you have to add graghics......
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