New MOBO do i need to buy windows again?

Ok, so heres the problem, im buying a new MOBO and i want to know if i need to buy win 8 again, i upgraded to win 10 not long before my mobo broke. i bought a new case, and mobo. (case for better cooling)

alright so i was wondering will i need to rebuy windows? i dont have much money and dont want to buy something i already have. by the way, ive been slowly upgrading a prebuilt pc. so no retail copy of windows. its the other kind.

its a completely different mobo. i just need to know if there is a way to avoid this. by the way i cant try anything now, but the parts get here in around 5 days.
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  1. If it's a pre-built PC with an OEM license, then you will need a new license.
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    Anyway around it? Call Microsoft, and ask as politely as you can.
  3. I honestly couldn't answer this question until about 10 minutes ago. I too just replaced my MOBO, and after being helped immensely, was finally able to get it to boot. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to boot up my HDD and see my familiar desktop waving back to me! So no, you will not need to reinstall Windows!
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