Replacing CPU fan. Need to remove motherboard..

Is there anything else I should disconnect first? I just need to lift up the motherboard to put the back of the fan in place if you know what I'm saying.
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  1. I would remove all cables/power from the board (USB, SATA, Power etc), and remove the GPU.
    Then you can take the whole board out and install the cooler MUCH easier.

    However, what case do you have? You may not need to remove the motherboard to install the backplate.
  2. Thanks for the speedy response! I believe my case is an Aerocool GT-S Black Edition.
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    This case?

    If so, just remove the other side panel, and you will have access to the CPU backplate.
    The only thing that needs to be removed then is the cooler.
  4. You're actually a don. Saved me a lot of hassle. I took the other side off and there is a gap for me to place it. Top lad! Have a good day
  5. Glad to help, those cutouts are life savers.
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