My HDD keeps dying/disconnecting

My HDD keeps dying/disconnecting

So my computer has just started randomly crashing. i get the critical_process_died screen, and when i boot my pc up again, my HDD cant be found.

ive fixed this once, where i took the HDD out, and putted it back in.

i hope you can help
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  1. Hey there, JoachimLindegaard.

    Well you could try that again, although if it's not a loose connection, it most probably won't work. Try the drive with a different computer to see if you can get to your data and back it up. If that doesn't work, try accessing it via Ubuntu Live USB/DVD, to see if the drive is properly recognized and if you can recover your files. If that doesn't help as well, you could try some data recovery programs: and And if worse comes to worst and you're unable to retrieve any of your data, perhaps a data recovery company might be the best option in your case.
    On the other hand, if you don't need to recover data, connect the HDD to a different computer and download the manufacturer's diagnostics tool. Run some tests on HDD, to see if any errors or bad sectors pop-up.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
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