Installed Fedora but Can't Boot It Up

Hey Guys,

I installed Fedora on my laptop but can't seem to figure out how to select it to boot. I created a 20 Gig partition on my HDD for it and it said it installed sucessfully. However, now whenever I reboot, it just boots to Windows 10. I checked the advanced system settings but only Windows 10 is listed. Additionally, I checked the BIOS but didn't see any options. I tried some of the function keys but nothing seems to work. There has to be an option though to change the boot operating system. Does anyone have any ideas? It's an Asus X502C.
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  1. Someone else will probably give a more exact answer, I use Debian and for me this would be due to not installing GRUB instead of the default windows boot manager. You could try to detect the installation in windows but I've heard this can be tricky
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    Install EasyBCD which will let you boot Linux from the Windows boot manager. (You don't really need EasyBCD, but it makes the process easier.)
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