Which one should i go with?

I have two computers and they are:
AMD FX 4350 black edition 4.2 GHz VS Intel i5 3450 3.1 GHz
M5A97 le 2.0 VS AsRock H61m
500 W psu VS 350 W psu
GTX 750 ti VS gt 630
16 GB ram VS 8 GB ram
1.65 TB hard drive VS 1 TB hard drive

I wanted to upgrade my AMD PC with GTX 970 but i know that the cpu will bottleneck. Also i'm not sure if i want to upgrade my CPU to 8350 but Intel i5 3450 won't bottleneck the gtx970. What should i do? I am trying to run Arma 3 multiplayer 50 fps at max on online servers. Also i just got Fallout 4 so i want to get it ready for the Graphic mods. Which PC should i upgrade it to GTX 970? the Cheaper option would be nice :p
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    Well if you don't want to buy any parts yous hould go for the i5 + AsRock from the one pc and the ram + psu from the other and get the GTX 970.
  2. That's what i was thinking. Do i need to OC the intel i5 to get better results in gaming or does it make no/small difference
  3. What is your current PC?
  4. OCing will make just a small difference but if it ever bottlenecks, which I doubt will happen, you can easily push it a bit further.
  5. My PC is the AMD one.
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