Problem with 1080p and 4k dual monitor setup?

So I have a dual monitor set up with a 1080p and a 4k tv. The 4k tv won't fit to the entire screen, when it is set at 1920x1080 resolution. Also I learned from taking a print screen that there is a third screen I didn't know about.
How do I get the resolution of the 4k tv to fit the entire screen?
Can I set it to a higher resolution that would still fit the entire screen?
How do I get rid of the third screen?

Pics of the monitor cables connecting to the tower and a pic of the 4k tv resolution not fitting.

The print screen showing the third monitor I didn't know about.

List of my pc parts if needed.

Update: I was able to remove my that third desktop that I didn't know why it appeared. I just had to go into AMD Catalyst Control Center and go under common display tasks and disable it.
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    make sure you have the correct over scan set in catalyst or ncp it always gets me when i go from a monitor to a tv. as far as the third screen it might just be a hardware bug, my laptop used to do it. If it really bothers you then there are probably some tutorials on deleting them.
    Just looked into it, it seems if you are sure there isnt a third monitor or cable (by sure, remember 4k tvs like to do that split panel thing) then going into Screen Resolution on the drop down click multiple displays and it should allow you to remove it.

    Will have to disconnect then remove if its stingy
  2. Did this help at all?
  3. Yes that worked thank you.
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