Does this look damaged?

You are looking at a socket 1151 on a Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P. I installed the cpu, ram and my noctua dh-14. Wouldn't post and rebooted after 15 seconds, kept looping. Took off the heatsink and put my finger to the chip when turning on, no heat whatsoever.

I sen the chip back since the motherboard was lighting up and beeping, I think this may actually be a rare case of a DOA cpu, but can you guys look at this socket and tell me if anything looks damaged or out of place?
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  1. does something there look damaged to you? looks normal to me, unless im missing something.
  2. Wilhelm it doesn't look damaged, but I have no reference for how the pins are supposed to look. They all look bent to me, but maybe thats just how they are oriented?
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    yea i know what you mean, but its just how they look.
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