Can't get .NET 3.5 framework to install!!! error 0x800f0922. No method working!!!

Okay so I wanted to get .NET 3.5 to work to play apb reloaded, but I cant get it to work any way, I tried using the console commands but they gave the same error. I tried gpedit.msc, didnt do anything. I have no clue what to do. I dont want to wipe my pc just to install .NET 3.5 though. Please help! Please note I am running 64bit windows 8.1
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  1. all that should all ready be in the os ??? window 7 has 4.5 and all the lower ones should be part of that packet ??

    go to computer - windows -Microsoft .net - framework and see whats listed in that folder then framework64 and see whats listed in it ??

    I don't know about 8 but my 7 listes 1.0.-- 1.1.- - 2.0--3.0--3.5--4.0 ???

    yours should be close to the same and that's why it fales to install cause it all ready there and don't overwrite

    well it says here its not in 8 ?? and looking it up seems to be a issue with it --sorry
  2. Yeah in windows 8.1 there arent all the otpions you listed
  3. I have done what microsoft wanted me to do in that tutorial and it just hangs on at 99.8% and then fails (in CMD).
  4. now that maybe microsofts server bogging down or timed out ?? all this crap 10 stuff may have a good load onit thesdays ?? I get normal updates that fail this way...

    I was reading this foot note

    •Installing a Windows language pack before installing the .NET Framework 3.5 may cause the .NET Framework 3.5 installation to fail. Install the .NET Framework 3.5 before installing any Windows language packs.

    I wonder if they came in on a regular windows update and may need removed ??

    what get me is if its importante to fun stuff then why was it not included in the os to start with ???

    and you did this one ??

    •Download the .NET Framework 3.5 installer (Note: this does not download the .NET Framework directly; it is an installer that invokes Windows Update.)
  5. yeah I did the second one you mentioned and I dont recall installing any language packs.
  6. I dont recall installing any language packs --- they could of come in as a monthly windows update and easily missed if you don't review any of them and just auto update what ever Microsoft sends out each month ??

    don't know ??

    but ya , folks been having issues with just regular updates not going through and failing like you say I did see where one guy said you better have fast internet or you may not get it all in [net3,5] from one of the sites I googled on this

    lol not that its funny but I can see where it get to 99.8 and fails is a let down [been there done that]
  7. Maybe they coulf be part of a monthly update, but every update has failed so you know.... nothing really got installed. Actually now I realized I thnik I did download a language pack, if I did what do I do to install .net framework ?
  8. I think Microsoft does this to render old software useless and to force you to buy new [helps keep the cash flow running in to them ] like I said if its something that's so badly needed why is it not all ready built in the os as normal??
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