intel core processors will cost me much more

i'm from india,thanks for your support but i would like to tell that intel core processors are much expensive than amd processors.i'have selected amd fx4300 processor which cost me around Rs.6500 and intel processor for the same configuration cost me around Rs.10000
Another thing is that i have read the reviews for gigabyte ga h81 m s1 processor,it has electrostatic protection as well as humidity my house there is always an issue of humidity and my previous motherboard got short circuited due to humidity and high voltage...
So please suggest me the best motherboard and its compatible processor and ddr3 ram
My budget is around Rs.13000

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  1. From personal experience I would suggest a Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 or UD5 or anything from "Ultra durable" line because they are very well protected and insulated and with thick line traces on it.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion...
    Please tell me which processors are compatible with this motherboard
  3. Every processor up to FX 8350 and with good eventual OC if needed. If you get a better than stock CPU cooler (which i do recommend anyway), that FX 4300 could be OCed pretty good at that MB and provide much better performance than it's initial frequency would suggest. All of those FX processor with Vishera cores are essentially same except for number of cores of which 4 is enough for most of today's games. With such games an 8 core processor is not going to give you much better performance.
    To my thinking, expanadability is key to long life of systems, I can't even remember when was last time I bought parts for whole computer, always just expanding and upgrading one part at the time, due to finances of course.
  4. can i use Ga 970 A DS3p??? because my whole budget is 13k...
    will it be compatible with amd fx4300?
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    Yes, it will be compatible, here's the list of all compatible CPUs:
    Similar lists you can find at the sites of all manufacturers.
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions....
  7. Nasir9045 said:
    Thanks for all your suggestions....

    You're welcome, keep in mind that I have no idea about pricing and availability in your country.
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