Can I replace my Laptop's HDD with an SSD?

It's a super old laptop -

Brand : Acer eMachines e725
Processor : Intel Dual Core T4200 @2.00 ghz
Current HDD : SATA 3 HGST 930 GB 5200 RPM
OS : Window XP SP3 (32 bit)

And another question - Can I install a HDD Caddy to replace the Optical Drive as the optical drive is dead so that I can replace my HDD with SSD and I can put my HDD in the HDD Caddy?
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    Most likely yes but Im not 100% sure.
  2. iceblitzed said:
    Most likely yes but Im not 100% sure.

    Hello, Thanks for replying. I replaced my dead optical drive with a HDD and not a SSD because it would cost too much.
  3. did process go smooth>
  4. iceblitzed said:
    did process go smooth>

    Yes. I saw some video tutorials on youtube to replace Optical drive with a new Hdd.
    Bought a HDD caddy and a 500 GB Hdd. It was simple.
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