Looking to buy the most reliable Z97 board in black/red

Hey guys, I'm working on my first build. The most infuriating thing to decide on is the motherboard. I have agreed that the Z97 chipset, socket 1150 and DDR3 compatibility are my thing and anything more expensive is out of my price range. I need some help finding the best board for my price range (£120).

I keep paying attention to negative reviews and it's driving me crazy. What's the best board for me. Would ideally like it in black and red. Cheers

Using a core i5 with it
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    For most reliable, the maximus vii ranger or hero. I don't know about the price ranges but I'd suggest looking on amazon as well as
    I recommend 3 boards, and you can choose by asthetics as they are all very similar. As long as they fit in your price range
    Asus maximus vii ranger
    Asus maximus vii hero
    MSI gaming 3

    Hope this helped you! I am sure that the gaming 3 should fit your budget, and if its the only one that does go for it otherwise Asus, hero over the ranger. As long as they fit in the budget otherwise ranger
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