First gaming PC build; Compatibility concerns; Need help

My current build

Hey. So I am being treated this Christmas with my first ever gaming PC. I am the one picking out the parts, so I need to know if every part is compatible with each other or not before I make the purchase.
My main concern is the motherboard and if all the parts will be compatible. Does anyone know if the mobo will be a bottleneck for any of the other parts, specifically the ram or the GPU? Also, because the GPU is so large, is there any way of definitely knowing if it will fit in the case? PCPartPicker is suppose to check this, but am unsure of how trustworthy that website is.

Basically, I am seeing if anyone would like to help me with a compatibility check on my parts before I pull the trigger on them (I have already purchased the CPU, GPU and SSD, though). Thanks in advance.
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  1. Looks good to me, I cant verify the ram is compatible though. Never even heard of that brand. LoL
  2. You might have a problem because you need a good cooler I would recommend a very good value Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. There was another person who had a problem with their stock cooler. Its only $30 and will make your CPU run smoother and last longer. Also change the RAM to G.Skill because they're much more reliable. New build...
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