What Is The Difference Between GTX SLI, MSI, and FTW Graphics Cards?

Hello there, I recently got to choose the perfect graphics card/PSU thanks to Rcald2000! But, I was wondering to get a little more knowledge on GPUs so I'm asking this question.
1) What are the differences between SLI, MSI, or FTW graphics card? I recently stumbled between these options, and I want to know what they actually do.
2)I checked online different graphics card, and searched GTX 970s, but they all came in different brands? : Asus, EVGA, MSI???? Also, which one would you recommend? - Haha after all I am a PC Newbie.
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    Sli is when you have two or more separate cards working together, it is a feature, not the model of a card. MSI is a graphics card manufacturer, they make both AMD/NVidia graphics cards and are a great company! FTW is an NVida branding they add to cards, basically it just means they have a factory overclock from what I understand.

    As for what brand to buy I would just stick with a reputable company, all 970's are going to perform more or less the same. Any of the brands you mentioned would be just fine.
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