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Windows 2000 doesn't recognize SATA drive

I have a laptop that came with Windows 7.
I tried to install Windows 2000 on it but it didn't recognize the HDD.
0x7B error during setup.
IDE/AHCI setting doesn't work.
I don't have a floppy drive. I only have a USB drive, that's for installing Windows.
Is there a way to integrate SATA drivers on 2000 install (nLite does it but only works for XP?
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    You can't install Windows 2000 with USB...

    As for the AHCI drivers, it should be provided by your chipset manufacturer (Intel, AMD, VIA). There should be a F6 driver where you insert into USB during boot then mash on F6 to activate.
  2. As he said above and follow this guide to create a CD with the drivers slipstreamed.
  3. Hi

    Is there any particular software you need to run under win 2000?

    Have you tried compatibility mode in w 7 possibly xp if win 2000 not available
    Or a virtual pc to install win 2k in

    You may need to buy or borrow a usb floppy disk drive to install F6. Hard disk controller drivers (sometimes called mass storage drivers)

    These w2k drivers may not exist and unless your uefi or bios makes the usb floppy drive a:
    It may not be possible to add the required f6 mass storage driver

    Mike Barnes
  4. Don't slipstream. It makes a big mess.

    And also use F6 drivers on a FAT-32 format USB.
  5. Sorry for the bump but just thought I'd add:
    DO NOT install old OSes on modern hardware. Ever. Use VirtualBox or VMWare. Much easier.
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