cannot boot with 2nd stick of ram **already enabled XMP in bios/set freq/timing manually**

Dear all,

I can't boot with the second stick of ram. The ram chips are fine because I tried booting them as 1 stick separately and it booted fine. I enabled XMP on my motherboard and it didn't, i also tried setting the frequency, voltage manually and it still won't boot with second stick of ram installed.

This is a new systems build. I've only tried dim slots 1 and 2. Never tried slots 3 and 4. Does anyone have any idea?

My specs are:
I5 6500 processor
Asus Z170k motherboard
Windows 7 64 bit.
Kingston Fury HyperX DDR 4 16gb (2x8 @2666MHz 15cL 1.2v)
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    I believe that you are putting them in the wrong slots.

    It needs to be odd slots or even slots for dual channel. So put the ram in slot 1 and 3 or slot 2 and 4 then try booting.
    The slots should be color coded to make this even easier, just put the ram in the same color slots.
  2. That worked, thanks!
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